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Landmark’s Common Sense Guide to Credits

First let’s start with identifying some important terminology.

SREC – Solar Renewable Energy Credits:

SREC’s are defined as a tradable, environmental asset. 1 SREC = 1,000kWh
Essentially, this is a credit that you can redeem for cash for each 1,000kWh your system is producing.

Both the value of SREC’s and the life of the SREC are determined by your location. We’ll be happy to walk you through your specific incentives when we meet.


Now let’s talk about how this actually works once you’ve made the decision to install Solar.

Most people will work with their local bank or other financing company to cover the cost of the system. Yes, this is a loan. Think of it like a HELOC or other investment in your property. We will work with you and provide the information for your bank on the SREC’s to detail the amount of money that the bank will be receiving each month. This will help (if not cover) your monthly payment until the SREC is paid out and your loan is paid off. Average loans have a 5-10 year payoff.

In addition to the SREC, you’ll also be seeing significant monthly savings, which will continue long after the loan is paid off.

These SREC’s ensure that with a minimal out of pocket investment, that your system not only saves you money, but helps you cover the cost of your installation!

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