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Solar has never been more affordable.

The cost of solar energy systems has decreased significantly in recent years. When coupled with attractive incentives, credits, and other opportunities, solar is a sound economic investment for homeowners. Continue enjoying the same comfort you are used to, while also knowing you are helping to create a more sustainable world for future generations.

Landmark is proud to offer SunPower panels exclusively because of their innovative approach to designing panels that are durable, high performance, and feature a modern, sleek look. SunPower panels produce 60% more energy than conventional panels in the same place over 25 years. What’s more, they offer a 25 year warranty on their product so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is covered.

Our Solar Installation Process

On-Site Inspection

A solar consultant will visit your house and go over your options for solar. They will inspect your home, look over past energy bills, and discuss financing options. By the end of this meeting, you’ll have a better understanding of residential solar systems and know how much you can save by installing a system.

Choosing the Most Efficient Design for Your Needs

We take the time to get to know you and examine your house and then build a custom quote for you. We then setup a meeting to go through the design and pricing options and make sure you get the system that is just right for you. Once you select your system, we get to work.


Once we receive the permits and financing, we will start installing the solar system on your roof. All work is carried out by our team of professional installers and certified electricians. We will tie in the inverters to your home’s current electrical system, as well as install a monitoring system so you can keep track of energy production by your system.

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